Date Created: 11/14/2010

Setelah ramai yang mitak, sejak aku first post video aku testing camera ngan sound card aku tu about two years ago, akhirnya aku buat pon solo lagu ni.

Video ni aku letak bonus content sket. Aku kasi a few tips untuk beginners or anybody who’s interested.

Like I said, so many people out there can play better than me. It’s amazing what they can do. But I’m not trying to compete with anybody. Of course it’s always good to learn from great players if you get the chance. But toksah dismiss what I say just because aku tak terer lagi. A lot of the things yang aku cakap dalam video ni, dalam artikel pasal rhythm ni are the things that I really need to work on myself too. I may not be good at putting the hours practicing what I preach, but that doesn’t mean what I preach is wrong. But I’m not always right either.

Pasal gambar dalam video ni, tell me if I look orange in it. Tah la, aku tengok pakai dua monitor computer aku, cam ok jek. But bile aku tengok kat plasma tv aku, cam orange gile. Well, I really don’t have much time to examine that.

And video ni actually features the best audio mixing yang aku dah buat so far. Thanks to Ery for his tips on reverb. The guy is really good. He plays well, he composes well, and he sure knows how to mix. Check him out. I still have plenty to learn. Yeah, video ni walaupon pendek, I spent a lot of time mixing, since aku try benda-benda baru.

Pasal TAB ni, there’s not much to discuss dah. Mostly aku dah cakap dalam video tu. One of the reasons aku malas nak buat TAB ni ialah sebab mix original recording ni cam susah sket nak dengar gitar dia. I had to guess a lot of things. Like I said, beginning and ending of this solo memang aku haram tak dengar sangat. So TAB ni memang banyak aku punya personal touch, to fill in the blanks. But it’s a good thing I suppose. It forces me to compose a little, something that I have no talent in.

Since aku letak 4 alternate ending untuk solo ni, kalao korang nak dengar other endings, just mute and unmute appropriate tracks. Yang aku main dalam video ni yang first kind. This one is similar to the third kind of ending. Third kind susah sket, but pattern dia consistent throughout the measure. Both 1st and 3rd ending ni susah sket nak count. Not just because aku letak triplets. It’s also because aku design rhythm pattern tu supaya jadi macam some kind of “polyrhythm”. For the first ending, the pattern repeats 4 times in 3 beats. I won’t go into detail on that.

Actually dalam video ni originally aku suggest gak untuk end the solo on Bb or D notes. But aku tepaksa cut since YouTube limits 15 minutes jek satu video. So yeah, you can do whatever you want on that last two measures. At other places pon, it’s up to you. If it sounds good, it’s good.

And if you look really really closely, ade a few notes yang aku main kat different position dari ape yang aku tulis dalam TAB. I do that sometimes. Yang dalam TAB, kalau aku boleh dengar ape yang dia main, aku akan transcribe based on what I believe the guitarist did. But I may play it at a different position, slightly differently.

For the record, I have no idea what this song really means. But I’ll appreciate getting haunted by a hot ghost. :D I just don’t wanna know how she really looks like. :P


I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only. 

Aku Punye ®