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Well, the last time aku released video and TAB full song was over a year ago, lagu Intan tu. So this is long overdue.

Actually sebelum buat lagu ni aku dah buat TAB untuk a few songs, but tak siap. Like usual, aku hilang minat, and abandon them. That's why la aku susah nak amik request. If I don't feel really strongly about it, it's hard to keep the focus.

This project has got to be the most time consuming one. Aku actually first decided untuk buat lagu ni mase bulan March. I've been listening to this song on a non-stop loop for that long.


Lagu Ni

I have to admit, aku tak ingat dengar lagu ni masa aku kecik-kecik dulu. I only discovered (or rediscovered) this song mase aku balik Malaysia cuti in 2009. If I'm not mistaken mase tu aku dengar kat TV, Aznil kot nyanyi lagu ni. Suddenly bila masuk part vocal tu aku tertarik dengan melody dia. Tanye mak aku dia kate lagu BPR.

Bila balik US, aku degar lagu ni, tetiba terasa homesick pulak. I don't know why. Somehow this song makes me miss my vacation and my hometown.

Other than vocal punya melody, aku suka lagu ni punya rhythm gitar dia, drum dia etc. I was wondering what it is about this song that I find so catchy.

After analyzing this song, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary from theoretical point of view. It's straight up C minor from the start to the end. Gitar pon takde buat benda pelik-pelik. It goes to show that you don't have to necessarily do exotic things with the scales or keys to make it sound distinct from other songs.

So yeah, I really love this song. Hopefully you like it too.


Gear Aku Dalam Video Tu

Video ni yang first featuring my two new guitars, both acoustic, both bought in the month of April, 5 days apart. :P I know I'm crazy.

Acoustic Guitar 1 - Taylor 314CE
Acoustic Guitar 2 - Ovation Elite TX 2078 (similar to this one)
Electric Guitar 1 & 2 - Ibanez JS1000
Electric Guitar Solo (Harmony) - Ibanez RG390
Vocal Melody - Akai EWI USB
Bass - Ibanez GSR200 Bass

Let's start with the Taylor. My God that guitar is good. Dia punya neck memang best gile. Lepas aku beli aku tunjuk kat instructor aku. Dia pon suka. My instructor has lots of guitars that are more expensive, he tried this Taylor at the beginning of the class. And after class dia mintak try skali lagi.

Guitar Center mase tu ade sale event, but sepatutnya tak applicable to barang yang special order. Kena amik yang display kat kedai. But I insisted that I want a really new one still in the box to be shipped to the store, otherwise I won't from them. And they agreed. :D

Sound pon memang kena dengan taste aku. In fact kalo korang tengok part lesson video ni, sometimes aku ulang something a little more than necessary. The reason is simply because I love playing this guitar. And kat 23:45 tu aku biarkan jek dia sustain, just because I didn't want it to stop. :P



So lepas beli 314CE tu, aku dah plan nak jual 114CE aku. But then aku terpikir, aku takde gitar yang aku sanggup guna a lot untuk pakai masa transcribing. 114CE tu pon aku dah sayang nak guna for that purpose. In fact, ruang depan computer aku makin sempit since aku letak digital piano aku. So I decided to get something slightly smaller and cheaper.

That's why aku beli Ovation tu just a few days after getting the Taylor. Within a week ade dua gitar baru kat rumah aku. I love the feeling, I'm addicted to it. :P

And I got a really good deal on this Korean-made Ovation. It's brand new, from an authorized dealer. I think I only paid about $500 for it. The guitar comes with OP-PRO onboard preamp dengan this awesome gig bag (macam hardshell). That's almost $100 less than the standard price. But that's not all. Dia kasi sekali brand new OPI-1 Idea preamp. Standard price preamp tu jek dah dalam $250. So it's like a $700+ value for $500. I don't know how this people did it.

I have to admit, sebelum dapat aku skeptical jugak. Aku tengok listing dia pon tak caya. Aku look up kedai tu dekat Ovation punya website, they are an authorized dealer. Bila dah sampai, aku examine everything very closely. Takde flaw. So I don't know how they managed to sell it for such a low price. If there's one thing that I love more than buying guitars, it is getting a good deal with it. :D

One of the reasons aku pilih Ovation is that aku nak contrast Taylor aku. Well dalam part intro lagu ni tak dengar sangat beza dia (I suck at recording an mixing). But masa aku solo pakai Ovation tu boleh dengar, that's Ovation sound. It has a synthetic quality to it. Kalau korang selalu dengar Al Di Meola you'll be familiar with the sound.

Lagi satu dia punya neck macam electric guitar. I think this guitar is designed for primarily electric players. Aku still prefer Taylor punya neck, especially for fingerpicking. But this neck allows me to play fast when I need to.



Masa aku transcribe lagu ni, untuk part electric aku pakai RG aku, since it's on a stand right by my desk all the time. And aku suka main part harmonic tu pakai gitar ni, sebab pickup Evolution tu power sket, so pinch harmonic is a bit easier. I've been jamming this song a lot using the RG that I was so set on using it for Electric Guitar 1 part for this video. So memula nak pakai JS untuk main backup jek.

So aku punya recording plan nak record parts yang backup dulu. Skali try main part E.G 1 terasa best pulak. Yeah, the pickup is not as powerful as my RG. But it's cleaner. I like playing the heavy riff for this song with this JS. I just didn't look back. I used the JS for almost everything except part harmony masa solo tu. And like I always say, this JS Prestige Neck is incredible. Like the 314CE Taylor, this guitar is one of those that I fall in love with every time I play it.


Audio Recording Untuk Video Ni

When it comes to recording video ni untuk acoustic guitars, aku buat lain dari yang aku pernah buat. Before this, dalam video Another You, aku completely pakai condenser mic (mic murah Samson). Dalam video lain aku pakai pickup jek. This time, aku mix pickup punya sound dengan condenser mic MXL ni. Still considered as cheap mics but not bad actually.

Untuk part lagu aku pakai yang small diaphragm. Untuk part lesson actually aku pakai yang large diaphragm punya, but it's on a mic stand on the floor. And the mic is just below the video frame, so you don't see it. Actually masa lesson tu, aku tak pakai pon sound dari clip-on mic aku. Sound dari clip-on tu sekadar untuk synchronize mase edit video jek. But masa lesson pasal barre chords dulu memang sound dari clip-on alone. And part aku main lagu ni pon u can see the clip-on mic. Same reason, just untuk synchronization in video editing.

So untuk Taylor tu aku mix sound mic tu dengan onboard Taylor ES system. Untuk Ovation tu pulak aku mix dengan OPI-1 tu. I still don't know how to get good sound. Well, I don't have a tube mic preamp yet.

Oh yeah aku tambah acoustic fill-in sket dekat Chorus 4 tu. Entah la, at first I decided against it. Sebab part tu still heavy sound dia, so goreng acoustic cam tak sesuai. But I donno, somehow I keep on hearing it. So I did it. For that part aku pakai sound dari OPI-1 terus, tak pakai mic. I just wanted that sound alone. And since takde dalam original recording, aku tak include dalam TAB. It's simple really. Just Cm pentatonic jek mostly.

And part ending pon aku tambah solo sket. For that solo aku mulakan macam intro punya solo, but instead of going down the scale, I went up first, lepas tu baru turun. Untuk record part tu, actually aku bukan main dengan backing track, since for that part I want to be finally free from the tempo, since it's the end of the song. So mase aku mulakan solo ending tu, aku dengar backing track, pastu bila nak habiskan dia, aku goreng ikut suka. Lepas tu baru record acoustic punya backing untuk sesuaikan. Again, since solo tu takde dalam original recording, aku tak include dalam TAB. Just Cm dengan Cm pentatonic jek.


Lagi satu dalam video ni, part heavy tu actually aku buat teknik doubling. Maknanya aku record benda sama dua kali, and pan one to the left, one to the right. That's why the sound is kinda big. Masa video Intan dulu lebih kurang gak, but mase tu record skali jek, and the same sound was split into left and right, and apply slightly different effect. This time memang purely recorded in two layers. So yang video tu ialah mase aku record left channel. Right channel aku tak masuk video. It's the same thing anyway. Actually performance Whitesnake yang ni yang membuat kan aku terasa nak big sound.

And dalam video ni, aku main part heavy tu lain sket dari yang aku tulis dalam TAB and the original recording. Rhythm dia aku tambah a few 16th notes here and there. Macam contoh Bridge 4 kat bawah ni (you should know how to read rhythm already).

Yang Dalam TAB camni:


Yang aku main dalam video camni:

Oh part-part bridge tu ko tanak main palm mute, nak main mute macam dead note pon takpe.


By the way, pay attention yang part harmonic at the end of each chorus tu, first time pitch dia G, pastu B. It's kinda hard to get them on the JS aku tu, but RG aku can do both pretty easily. Maybe salah satu sebab ialah RG tu ade middle pickup, yang aku boleh guna sebagai reference on where to rub my thumb.

Untuk sound dia, kan dulu aku pakai Line6 GearBox. Pastu aku switch to Guitar Rig sebab aku nak record dry and then apply effect masa mixing. This time I decided against Guitar Rig. Tah la, GR ni aku rasa cam a little fake tone dia. Aku try gak pakai Amplitube baru. Kinda like Orange dia punya modeling. But I decided against it sebab tak cukup masa nak experiment. So this time aku record pakai Line6 Pod Farm. Lebih kurang jek dengan GearBox, except aku boleh pilih nak record any two of these three simultaneously: dry, semi-processed, or processed. So yang aku pakai dalam mix tu ialah semi-processed punya sound, and then EQ and reverb dekat dalam DAW.


Part Bass tu sebenarnya aritu dah record semua skali. But then I felt like my performance was really bad. I think my long nails affected my rhythm on the bass. So aku record semua balik semula.


I think the hardest thing to record in this project was the EWI. I almost decided against using the EWI and just use the piano for the vocal melody. But I want a Tenor Sax sound, like I had in Intan video, and I want to use breath controller to get better expression. So yeah, tempo dia laju sket, susah sket nak control EWI ni.


Video Recording and Processing

This is one area that I exceeded my own expectation. Usually I am my toughest critic. I have to admit that it's hard for me to watch and listen to my previous videos. There's always something that didn't satisfy me about the video or audio. This time, I think I'm very happy with at least the video. Mase record, I didn't expect it to come out this well.

Since video lesson barre chords tu, aku pakai background hitam (cadar yang aku gantung kat dinding). Saja nak nampak professional sket. :P Another thing is that it reduces distraction. Kalau nampak benda-benda lain kat belakang cam distracted sket kan? Lagi pon malas la aku nak kemas desk aku untuk buat video. In fact I don't have that space anymore since dah ade piano.

Part Chorus 4 tu, aku dah record aku main gitar part heavy and part solo extra tu. Masa record aku ingat nak buat picture-in-picture macam video Intan tu dulu. But then nanti kecik sangat pulak gambar aku main Ovation tu. And aku tak nak kecikkan sangat gambar aku main electric time tu, it's my favorite part of the song. So in order to make both big enough, aku terpaksa bahagikan the screen diagonally. There's one more challenge, the background don't exactly match, since camera aku ni tak boleh buat full manual, it adjusts the amount of light coming in based on the subject. So in order to match them, aku gelapkan sket kedua-dua video tu. I liked the outcome. Now the background is completely black. Aku boleh potong memana part of the video and it will blend with the default background. It looks more professional, even less distraction. And it allows both videos to blend together. Everything looks nicer suddenly. That's how I managed to blend that part, as well as masa Solo tu. I wouldn't be able to achieve that kalau background aku dinding takde cadar tu, unless aku pakai teknik chromakey(the green screen).

Tengok gambar-gambar bawah ni sebelum dan selepas aku darken the pictures. Yang sebelum darken korang boleh nampak background video yang aku record, after cropping, tak mix dengan default absolute-black background.


Note to self: Next time don't wear black with black background, at least not when recording small instruments like the EWI.



Anyway, this whole project has been very-very time consuming. Semalam sebelum siapkan video, tetiba file video tu corrupted pulak. I had to redo the video editing all over again. And in the future, I expect to come out with a better one. Every time aku buat something, I learn something new. So the more I do this, the better it gets, and the more time it takes since I will want to do everything I know. That's why aku tak boleh amik request lagi. I hope you like this project.

And I think this will be the last time kot aku release TAB in GP5 format. Leceh sebenarnya nak convert dari GP6 ke GP5. Exporting alone doesn't do it. I still have to spend a lot of time fixing it. In fact, due to time constraint, aku tak sempat nak adjust GP6 TAB punya version to make it sound nice. You'll have to do it yourself when you use it.

I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only. 


Aku Punye ®