Date Created: 10/2/2010

Sebelum tanye nape aku tunaikan request ni but not other requests, let me explain myself a little bit. So, usually kalo orang request, aku akan add it to the list, but tah bile-bile la aku nak buat, kalo aku buat pon. And some people in the past requested something that I was already working on, so they got lucky.

This time, aku tgh buat benda lain. The song I was working on is not too guitar oriented, but since aku nak buat the whole song, it’s a lot of work (nama lagu tu is still a secret :P). And somebody requested lagu BPR ni kat facebook. Well, lagu ni ade dalam “secret list” of songs yg aku akan buat, and it’s simple enough. So aku pon buat la lagu yg direquest ni, just as a break from something else I’m working on. It’s not too time consuming.

Lagi satu, if you look at the history of my channel since last December, korang akan nampak yg official music videos aku keep getting longer, more instrumentation, more complete. At least by February aku dah start buat complete songs. Last official music video aku, lagu Intan tu, hampir reached the 10-minute maximum length. It’s a lot of work to produce that one. Macam aku sebut mase awal-awal aku start channel/blog ni, I have a problem of trying to do better every time, and at some point, it’ll get too hard to top the last work that I’d just quit.

So, to prevent that from happening, I’m going back to basics. Just buat Intro & Solo, keep it short and simple. As long as I’m still doing it, I’m ok. Walaupon video ni nampak pendek macam video awal-awal aku dulu, there are things about this video yg aku improve since the last video. I’m still learning. And walaupon material presented in this video is simple, the quality of audio & video is a little better actually.



Actually aku dah lama notice yg video aku sebelum ni walaupon HD rasa cam kurang sharp sket image dia. Motion pon cam blur sket especially kalo tangan aku gerak laju sket. Kalo tengok video aku test guitar baru tu lagi la, since lagu tu laju. So on this one, I took another approach. Aku set camera aku to prioritize shutter speed. 1/60 seems good enough. It captures the motion well, and lighting is still manageable.

If you know anything about photography, you know that higher shutter speed requires more light. Well, aku bukan photographer pon, I used to be, zaman film dulu. But now since everybody seems to be doing it, I’ve lost interest in it. Anyway, untuk video ni, I needed more light than ever. Kalo korang perasan, video aku sebelum ni desk lamp aku usually ke arah dinding, this time it’s on full brightness, ke arah aku. Pastu tambah floor lamp without the shade kat depan aku. Silau gak. But gambar dalam video ni memang crisp la, kalo tengok in HD especially. Well, it’s been a good learning process. Next time kena spend more time on lighting.

And video ni edited pakai Premiere yg paling baru punya. Ingat tak sebelum ni aku tunjuk mase buat video Intan tu bile nak encode berbelas jam baru siap? This one took less than 30 minutes to encode.



So, ni first time aku record bass manually. Sebelum ni bass aku just program the computer to play it. This time, it’s a real bass.

Bass ni aku angkut kat kedai pajak gadai. It’s an Ibanez GIO GSR200. Indonesian made. Aku beli seratus dollar jek. That’s as much as I was willing to pay for a bass, since aku tak plan nak jadi bassist pon. It’s in a very good condition, especially since it’s 10 years old. And the guy gave me an old and beat up, but well padded gig bag.

Ok, aku tak reti main bass. I mean, aku tak reti nak buat jadi interesting. Kalo setakat follow root of every chord, hold it for 4 beats each, any monkey can do that. To do more than that is something else. And I don’t know anything about proper finger picking techniques.

Dalam lagu ni, for the most part aku tak dengar pon bass main ape. So kalo tengok TAB ni, most of the bass part is my own arrangement. I tried to get creative, especially mase switch from one bar to the other. Sometimes aku apply chord formula punya knowledge, sometimes I just did what sounds good to me. Having a bass guitar when making the TAB makes a lot of difference.

And recording pakai bass betul is so much better. Senang aku nak kawal sound dia. And it sounds more human too, which is good.

One thing I learn about bass is that kena reti mute. Bile main, pastu move from one string to the other, kalo tak mute tali yang tak dimainkan, the sound is horrible. Kalo tengok video kat 1:52 tu, aku go back and forth between 2nd string and 3rd string. Each time tukar string kena mute the other string. It’s not like a guitar, “Let Ring” on a bass, especially low notes don’t sound too good.

And main bass ni menjahanamkan kuku yg aku susah payah jaga. :(

Sebenarnya since video ni intended to be a break for me, aku tak plan nak spend banyak masa on recording. In fact, aku record mase baru lepas balik keje. Tak tukar baju pon. So it was recorded on Tuesday, and then aku busy hal lain. Pastu semalam aku edit audio, dah siap aku edit video plak. Video dah dekat nak siap, baru aku perasan satu note tu aku salah main. Well, it’s not a bad sounding note. It just happened to be one semitone lower than what Awang played. In my opinion, both notes work fine. But since philosophy video aku ialah untuk tiru original, I had to fix it, not just on the TAB, but on the video too. Since aku malas nak record skali lagi, aku isolate that note, and buat pitch shifting. Aku tak record balik note tu, just tweaked what I already recorded. It’s cheating, but at least aku mengaku. :D If you have sharp eyes, you may be able to see which note it is.

Lagi satu time tu gak la aku baru perasan yg certain part time solo tu ade harmony sket. So terpaksa la aku gali laundry basket aku cari baju tu, kasi matching sket bile aku record part harmony tu. :P

And I need to practice consistent vibrato. >_<


Memori Silam

So album ni, tajuk dia Bisa. Aku tak ingat sebenarnya memula aku buat TAB ni. Aku analyze lagu ni based on CD compilation dia yg aku beli mase aku balik Malaysia May aritu.

Bile aku search cover album ni, and then tengok senarai lagu dia, baru aku ingat. Mase kecik-kecik, umur aku dalam 7 taun kot aku ade keset album ni. Aku ingat lagi bile part lagu Dajal aku selalu skip, sebab aku seram dengar intro dia. :P

Dulu in the 90’s, dekat Desa Setapak (dekat sebelah station LRT Wangsa Maju), ade satu minimarket, nama dia Moneycome. It was a popular local groceries store. Dekat depan dia ade beberapa penjaja makanan. Satu gerai yg mak aku selalu suruh aku pegi ialah gerai jual Laksa Johor. Penjual dia rambut kerenteng, panjang, tapi tak panjang sangat, and bermisai. He looked so familiar. It turned out that dia drummer BPR ni, Enal. I called him abang Nal. He’s very nice.

Well, I don’t mean to be preachy. But, the next time we download MP3 lagu Melayu illegally, think about these people. Plus, quality most MP3 lagu Melayu online suck anyway. 128kbps sound horrible!!

I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only. 


Aku Punye ®