Date Created: 1/31/2010

Kepada sesiapa yang telah menunggu, I hope this doesn’t disappoint you. :P  I don’t care if you like this song or not, I like it. :D

It’s a fun song, written in the key of E Major. Major key, the fun key.

Aku buat tab ni about a year ago. Aku memang nak buat video ni, but I never finished it. I did record like 3/4 of it, only to abandon it. Sebabnya the sound didn’t come out as I like it. And I was also too busy with work.

And this was inspired by Kyoji Yamamoto’s instrumental version of Ella’s song, Itulah Saya. Aku first dengar lagu tu dalam CD Mentera Metal, many years ago. Check this out:

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First half tu Ella on vocal. Second half pulak Kyoji soloing on the vocal part.

Isn't it awesome? So expressive, so fun to listen to. And the cool thing is that the instrumental version doesn't follow the original vocal too strictly. That's what my problem is. I've listen to the Candy recording too much, I can't help but to end up following it a little too much. But I did try to spice it up a little. But it's by no means as good as Kyoji's.

About the mix, aku tak tau la sound dia ok ke tak bile korang dengar. Aku dengar pakai flat response headphone aku ok gak. But kalo pakai earphone cam celake sket. I donno, I don't care. Like I said, I'm not gonna be too obsessed about it. Otherwise I won't release anything, just like what happened before.

Oh by the way, dalam video ni ade acting sket. Just a little, for fun. :P This was actually recorded backward. Aku record part last skali dulu, because rambut aku masih panjang, and ade misai ngan janggut sket (it's not very clear in the video, I thought it was gonna be clearer). And then part solo takde jangut. And so on until the beginning. Konon tunggu sampai berjanggut la kan. :P And part beginning tu konon-konon termenung menunggu pacar yang tiada di rumah (like I have one). :P Works for both songs (Akan Ku Tunggu and Yang Penting Happy). :D

Forgot to mention. Part intro tu aku main lain sket dari yang dalam tab. The reason is only during mixing process aku perasan original recording main lain dari yang aku main. Eh it still works.


Mase SUKOM '98 aku form 3. Mase tu aku, along with other Sekolah Alam Shah band members, were part of SUKOM marching band (aku main Trombone). It was such an awesome experience. Yeah the band sucked. I mean having like 300 players from like 5 school and giving them one year to practice together didn't make a goddamn sense. But it's cool not having to go to school for a week every two months or so, and hung out in Paroi (for practice) and then at Bukit Jalil during the game.

Mase kat Bukit Jalil, aku gi gak funfair dekat situ. One night I think it was OAG who performed. They sucked, at least at that time. Buang karen jek gi funfair tengok dorang. The next night, aku tengah lepak isap rokok ngan kawan aku, and we decided not to go to the funfair, but listened from outside. And it happened that Candy was performing.

One of the songs they performed was a Metallica's song, Sad But True. My God, Candy can play live, and heavy. I had a lot of respect for them from then on.

I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing track that I make are for educational purposes only. 

Aku Punye ®