Date Created: 8/6/2010

Last Updated: 2/7/2011

Ok first of all, aku still blom buat video aku main lagu ni. Well, some of my viewers are not guitar playing people. So they wanna see me playing. To those people I apologize. But for guitar playing people, this will do for the time being…. right? :P

Interesting fact. First time aku try buat lagu ni was 11/19/2002. Ha ha, almost 8 years ago. Tapi tak siap la. Just buat intro jek. Hmm, that’s one month before aku fly gi US actually.

Hmm, pada aku, ni lagu paling susah aku penah buat so far. It doesn’t sound difficult, but try it. Yg buat susah is main kasi sume tali ringing properly, and switch chords smoothly. It takes some practice to do it right.

Oh actually aku buat tab ni pakai GP5 for some reasons. Dah siap baru aku export jadi GP6. But the problem with GP5 is that bile time tukar tempo, the first beat tu cam lembap sket. So kalo korang bukak pakai GP5, part ending tu tempo dia cam pelik sket. Try GP6. Well you can hear it in the above video.

The Innuendo's Version

As you all know (if you don’t you should), lagu ni first skali dirakam kumpulan Carefree, mase 1979 dulu kot. And, since a lot of people don’t get it right, dalam Carefree punya version, bukan Jay Jay yang nyanyi. If I’m not mistaken it was Simon Justin Leo yg nyanyi.

So in the 90’s, Innuendo remade this song. It’s a wonderful remake. The vocals are awesome, I love it……. except for one thing.

For all the good things Innuendo did on this song, in my opinion they screwed up right at the beginning. Let’s see.

Seindah, tiada lagi kau ku ingatkan, sayang kau hilang….

So, kekasih dia hilang, dia dah tak ingatkan kekasih dia tu lagi, right? Tiada lagi KAU ku ingatkan. That begs the question: if you’re not thinking about her anymore, why the hell do sing about her? The rest of the song is dedicated to her, which contradicts the beginning. It doesn’t make a goddamn sense.

Well, it turned out that I was right, and the original got it right.

Seindah, tiada lagi YANG ku ingatkan, sayang kau hilang…

That makes perfect sense. :D And check this out. Dalam video live ni mamat Innuendo ni sebut “yang”. GOOD!!

Sorry. Well, you know me. It just has to make sense. :D


Chord Progression

So, macam biasa, tak sah release tab tapi tak discuss theory sket.

Hmm…. but this work is kinda different. Sebelum ni aku tak kasi tau ape yg aku tgh buat sampai time aku release. This time is different. Sebelum ni aku akan release the tab with the video of me playing it. Not this time.

Beza pasal theory discussion kali ni bukannya aku takkan buat. I’ll do it, but not now. Sebabnye cam susah sket nak explain without proper tool. So, to assist me in explaining this song, I’m gonna write a computer program for you. I promise that it would be a helpful program for songwriters and transcribers. It’s gonna be based on a little handbook that I’ve used a lot, and my own research. Check back later. (Update: Sebabnya ialah masa ni aku belum cover pasal key modulation lagi. Bila aku release program aku tu aku explain skali pasal modulation lagu ni).

And this song does something that I haven’t discussed before. So there’s something new to learn.

Aku Punye ®