Date Created: 12/18/2009 & 12/25/2009

Last Updated: 1/9/2011


After a year of procrastination (since first video aku, intro Nurnilam Sari tu), here it is, my new video and tab. :D

The video is not perfect. But whatever. Malas aku nak obsessed sangat pasal quality. And hopefully I'll produce something on a monthly basis after this.

The chords yang aku bagi is not exactly the same as the one can you find online made by Mr. Syazwan. The first difference is that version aku chords untuk intro and solo are included. Chords part bridge pon aku pakai chord lain.

Another difference is that even though Bb and A# refer to the same thing, there's no such thing as A# in the key of F major/D minor.

D minor = D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C,

not D, E, F, G, A, A#, C.

Kalo tengok tab tu, aku tulis dalam key of D minor (F Major). But, aku ade letak chords G Major, A Major and EbMaj7. Ketiga-tiga chords ni bukan diatonic dalam key ni. G Major is considered as V of V, and A Major is the V of vi. EbMaj7 pulak is borrowed from the adjacent key, the key of G minor (Bb Major). I think this song modulates between the two keys. In fact, kalo tengok solo tu, bar 24, first bend is to the note D. The second bend is to the note Eb, which belongs to the key of G minor.

Anyway, enough with theory. Aku buat tab ni aku tak try dengar pakai RSE. So turn off RSE. RSE sucks (on GP5).

Untuk part tapping mase intro tu, and other advice on playing this solo, tengok video ni.


I do not own the copyright of the original recording nor the music itself. The tablature that I transcribe and the backing tracks that I make are for educational purposes only.

Aku Punye ®