Date Created: 9/14/2010

Last Updated: 1/7/2010

Soalan yg ditanya kat shout box recently was quite specific, but aku rasa baik aku kasi advice yg general sket, since I feel very strongly about this. First skali aku nak motivate sket pasal kesanggupan keluar duit untuk beli equipment. And then aku nak discuss sket pasal Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Amps & Effects. This is gonna be a 4-part response.

Before that, aku ni bukanlah expert ataupon professional. I'm just an average player, still trying to be better.So think of me as a peer. Ramai lagi orang yg boleh kasi better advice on a number of things I'm gonna mention here. But that's how it is. You get all kinds of advice you can get, and you judge for yourself what to actually follow, what to keep in mind, and what to leave behind.

Some motivation

First, you have to ask yourself: do you want to be as good as you can be, or nak main sesaje jek? If you're not too serious about playing, or you don't have that much passion for it, then you can skip the rest of this article series, and just pegi beli gitar murah-murah.

Tapi kalau ade minat yg mendalam, kau kena sanggup spend lebih sket. Like most things in this world, when it comes to musical instruments, you usually get what you pay for.

Prinsip aku ialah beli equipment yg bagus, yg melebihi tahap skill aku. I'm sure many people who know me would agree to that. Why? For one thing, it shows you're making a commitment to your passion. Bile kau punya equipment kau rasa lebih dari kelayakan kau, kau akan bekerja keras untuk tingkatkan skill and knowledge, to show that you deserve it. When you've spent a lot of money on your equipment, you're less likely to waste it by not using it, by not practicing. You'll also take a better care for it, keeping it in good condition, which will help you be a better player. (Gitar pon kena buat maintenance). And bile kau beginner, your learning curve is gonna be very steep. You'll learn so much so fast, that kalo kau beli equipment yg murah or a little bit above murah, sekejap jek kau akan nak equipment yg lagi bagus.

I'm speaking from experience. Mase aku mula main gitar karen dulu, aku beli Epiphone strat aku tu. Aku rasa lepas setaun jek aku nak gitar yg lagi bagus. That Epiphone is not the cheapest guitar in the store. Aku memang usually skip the cheap stuff. After that I got my Ibanez RG. Loved it. It's been my primary guitar for 12 years now. Mase aku beli Ibanez tu, I realized that it's over my skill level. But I knew that's what I wanted.

Same goes with main pool. Mase aku kat U dulu, apartment complex aku ade pool table. So aku pon beli cue brand Cuetec. Spent like $150 on it. Soon enough aku beli cue Predator, highest end model punya, with their top of the line shaft. Spent like $700 on it. I practiced a lot, almost daily. Tak campur baca buku lagi, tengok match videos sume. I think most people kat complex tu recognized me as the guy who plays pool by himself most of the time. Some of my friends made fun of me for spending that much on a cue. I don't care, I like what I do. And I was good at what I do, they can't argue with that.

And gitar Ibanez JS baru aku pon is definitely a professional grade one, above my level obviously. And I intend to work to be a much better player. I expect to be happy with it for many years to come.

So, be willing to spend a good amount of money on what you like. And most musical instruments (even pool cues) are not like electronics or clothes. They don't become obsolete or out of style quickly. Ask yourself. How much are you willing to spend on a computer? RM2000? RM3000? How long do you think you have until it becomes obsolete? Jauh lagi cepat dari alat muzik. Bape banyak kau sanggup spend kat phone, and berapa kerap kau tukar phone? Think about it. Guitar memang nampak mahal. But if you think about how much you spend on other stuff, it may not seem that bad. So, skip starter packs, and skip the cheap stuff. Save that for anak bawah 12 taun yg blom reti lagi nak jaga equipment.

Aku setuju ngan Karl Cromok mase sesi soal jawab dalam DVD Inspiring Moment dia. Dia kate kalau nak jadi tukang kayu, mesti nak pahat yg tajam. He also talks about putting your priorities right. You have to be willing to spend on your passion.


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