Date Created: 2/20/2011

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Aku rasa ramai antara kita yang tak tau langsung pasal teori muzik. Memang common orang main gitar tapi tak tau teori. Maybe because a lot of people just want to learn how to play songs, but not things that make them work.

Some people think that learning theory hurts their creativity. Aku ingat lagi a many years back aku baca pasal guitarist in ROTTW, nama dia Aru kot, from the band Koffin Cancer. Dia kate dia tak tau langsung pasal theory, because dia tanak terikat dengan theory in his work. He's most likely a better guitarist than I am, but I think he's wrong.

Learning theory doesn't hurt your creativity, unless you use it incorrectly. Music theory is pretty much the study of what normally works, ape yang kita usually suke dengar. It's not intended to set the limit of what you should and shouldn't do in your composition. But it will suggest what normally works.

There are many legendary guitarists and other musicians that don't know theory. Hendrix for example. Would it make him less great if he knew theory? I doubt it, unless he devoted all his time learning theory instead of developing his creativity. And you can be a wonderful singer without knowing how to read music. But would it make you less of a singer if you know? No.

Point aku ialah jangan takut dengan theory. It's knowledge, not law. Knowing more doesn't hurt. It won't automatically make you a great guitarist, but it will make you're a more complete musician. Take your time learning it. I've been learning it for many years and I'm still learning it. I'll do what I can to share what I know, and maybe learn from you too in the process.

Aku selalu dapat request untuk buat TAB. It's an honor whenever I receive that request. It shows that I've proven myself to be a decent transcriber. But honestly, aku takde masa sangat nak tunaikan semua request. Producing a TAB and video the way I do takes a lot of work.

But belajar satu-satu lagu tu takde la makan masa sangat. Mungkin ramai yang ingat that it takes a lot of talent to do it. Let me tell you, knowing theory would help you so much. Memang la kena train telinga supaya kita boleh tiru note yang kita dengar. But you probably won't be able to hear everything very easily. Knowing theory will help you make good guesses.

So dalam ruangan ni, aku akan try ajar basic pasal theory, tailored for guitarists. Hampir semua benda yang aku tulis ni dari kepala aku, from years of reading various materials, experience in orchestral music, kelas-kelas yang aku penah amik, dan soal jawab dengan instructor aku. I may not be right about everything, but I'll try my best. And remember.

Aku Punye ®